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Aussie gains patent for SMS technology

Bond Wireless granted a patent in China and USA for its innovative SMS AV or SMS Authenticate and Verify technology

Announcing the latest version of Campaign Messenger with Voice over IP

Bond Wireless wins Information Technology award for the 2006 Gold Coast business excellence awards

BW proves suitability of SMS sucure trans tech. for health care mgmt.

AKN messaging technologies partners with BW for secured SMS transaction

Bond Wireless at Pan Pacific Marketing Conference

Queensland Company Gets In On China's SMS Revolution

Gold Coast IT company Wins Beattie's praise(and on Yahoo)
(ABC, Australia and Yahoo!, International)

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Welcome to Bond Wireless

SMSBond Wireless is an Australian company that provides innovative communications services and products globally through a network of technology partners. Our goal is to provide communications solutions that are simply excellent. These solutions will enable the users of our solutions to communicate easily, instantly and cost effectively.

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Bond Wireless products deliver real value to business.

Bond Wireless is pleased to announce the launch of our latest innovation, Text2Speech.

Text2Speech enables a text message to be converted into the content of a voice call. This innovation is great for prompting people about appointments or confirming information. The service interacts with an IVR system to provide a return path for the communication activity.   

Bond Wireless delivers a unique SMS Banking service

A SMS banking solution that operates independently from the handset and the network, and that provides an innovative approach to customer verification and authentication.

The service utilizes the patented SMS AV (Authenticate and Verify) technology developed in-house by Bond Wireless. The service provides financial organisations with a full audit trail of all activity undertaken within the SMS banking environment. The great thing about the Bond Wireless SMS Banking solution is that it can be integrated into your existing online banking activities.

View our latest presentation of SMS SecureTrans™ here

If you have problems with Campaign Messenger Professional please download the patch at support page.






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